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        Rose Petal Salve

     "Please come see my garden anytime. The roses will be dressed in their finest

                                                         and ready to impress."

Rose petal extract has long been associated with anti-aging. It is believed that ancient Egyptians would boil whole roses to create a beauty balm with healing properties that protected against damaging sun and dry climates.

From those ancient days to present, the damage done to our skin from pollutants, stress and dietary issues has only grown in intensity.

Our all natural rose petal salve is modeled after the methods of old, including a boiling process to extract every drop of oil from each petal, mixed with our special recipe of exquisite all natural oils and fragrances.  Try it!  We think you will love the moisture, the natural rose scent and the soft feel of your skin. It's a labor of love, created at our ranch in the Hill Country of Texas. May your dry skin smile with every application!

Two container sizes offered, along with a sweet option for gifts. See further info on our "shop" page.

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