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Our rose petal salve is a luxuriously rich and soothing aid for dry and aging skin. Made from our naturally grown rose petals at the Legacy Ranch outside San Marcos TX, each container is uniquely blended using our brightly colored blooms with a combination of the richest oils that provide welcome relief from the damage caused by climate, environment and chronological aging. This project began months ago as I began to experiment with various recipes, hoping to solve my 90 year old mother's dry, cracked skin on her hands and feet.  It is well known that the ancient Egyptians boiled whole roses to make rose oil and rose water for skin care. Given that our Hill Country ranch in TX is in bloom much of the year with beautiful yellow, red, pink and orange roses, I decided to "try what worked for the ancient Egyptians".  Using my mom and her dry skin as my "laboratory", together we created the perfect blend of my lovely rose petals with a collection of some of the best moisturizing oils available to produce a fabulous moisturizing salve. Not only does it moisturize dry skin, it also releases a fragrance as though one has been walking through my rose garden! With the positive results my mom experienced, I sampled the product on a large collection of friends and family, with outstanding results. This was the confidence boost I needed to "open shop" and get the product in the hands of women (and men) who have been searching for a natural, fragrant, easy to use remedy for dry, damaged skin. We're certain you will love it! 

 My mom was so delighted with the results that she has volunteered to crochet dainty little roses for the tops of the containers for gift orders! Check them out on our "shop" page.

We look forward to hearing about your results after you've tried the product!


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